Plant growth chamber
The product is applied for Seed germination, Seedling cultivation, microbe culture and protection, Insect breeding and other constant temperature illumination experiment. It can accurately simulate different climatic conditions.
Plant growth chamber

The product is applied for Seed germination, Seedling cultivation, microbe culture and protection, Insect breeding and other constant temperature illumination experiment. It can accurately simulate different climatic conditions.


●  Each chamber would be equipped with universal casters. Its advantages are small size, a strong bearing capability, run smoothly and making transaction more safe and convenient.
●  The chamber applies imported silicone seal. It has high temperature and tensile to ensure the seal of testing region.The test data is more accurate and stability.
●  Super large touch LCD screen, intelligent operating system are equipped to simplify the operation and to display all parameters.
●  Unique airduct structure and perfect configurations can guarantee the evenness, fluctuation of product, velocity of temperature rise and drop, fully circulate the air inside incubator and effectively guarantee the evenness of temperature.
●  It applies high quality antibacterial stainless surface and smooth fillet inner wall to reduce unnecessary internal surface area, bacteria contamination and for the quick and effective cleaning of inner wall.
●  The incubator is surrounded by illumination on three sides, 5 class adjustable, It can accurately simulate day and night conditions, and is always simulate some kinds of natural light source.
●  The most advanced fuzzy PID intelligent programmable temperature control system is provided.
●  RS232 communication interface and alarm output port are provided. They can allow users to connect with PC to get the experimental data and print out.
●  Leakage protection, independent adjustable temperature safety device, Compressor overpressure protection, cooling fan overheating protection ,door open alarm, current failure alarm and sensor alarm functions are provided to improve the safety.
●  Imported famous brand refrigerant compressor, Germany EBM condenser Honeywell PT1000 three core high-precision temperature sensor and Rotronic original import humidity sensor are adopted.
●  The control system has automatic defrosting function, it can solve the problem of evaporator frosting in the long run which  caused the temperature drifting .
●  You can select CO2 concentration monitoring system.
●  With a removable protective cove, it avoids bad touching of the temperature sensor ,further improve its life.

Product model PTC-300 PTC-450 PTC-800 PTC-1000
Convection method Compulsory convection method
Control method Balance type
Temperature display accuracy 0.1℃
Temperature range/ fluctuation With illumination 10℃~65℃  No illumination 0℃~65℃   /±0.1℃
Illumination intensity 0-25000LX  5 class adjustable
Working room temperature 5℃~30℃
Programmed control Programmable touch screen LCD
Overall dimension (W*D*H)(mm) 780×905×1610 785*985*1860 1280*1100*1860 1540*1035*1860
Inner  dimension (W*D*H)(mm) 600×565×900 605*650*1150 1020*700*1150 1280*700*1150
Effective volume 305L 452L 822L 1030L
Refrigerant R134a
Rated power 2200W 2450W 3100W 3500W
Power voltage AC-220V 50/60HZ
Safety device Compressor thermal protection Over-temperature protection, leakage protection
Tray 3
         ●       Performance parameter test under empty load: Ambient temperature of 20℃.
         ●       Temperature and humidity fluctuation exceeding the scope noted in the table is normal under defrosting condition.
         ●       The change of product appearance and parameter will not be notified additionally. Product appearance may deviate due to shooting and printing reasons.
         ●       We can be customized according to customer demand for non-standard equipment.