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Sales Engineer
  • Job requirements:
1.Both male and female withcollege education(25-35 years old);
The one with over two years of experience in the sales of lab instrument or related businesses is preferred.Strong communication ability to persuade, insight into market have a certain ability and sensitivity.
3,To the east China market have a certain understanding;
4.Strong logical thinking, good language expression ability and strong ability to resist pressure, can adapt to travel frequently;
Job responsibilities:
1.Responsible for selling the company's products and services, improve the company profile and product market share
2. Regularly visit customers, to help deal with the communication between company and customers
3. Regular feedback market information and target.
4,.Regular sales plans and Suggestions are put forward

We will provide a good working environment and competitive compensation and benefits, interested applicants, please send your resume, salary requirement, education certificate and a copy of id card and other related information by mail or Email to our company hr letter (please indicate the word "apply").
E-mail: santn@santn.com

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