To ensure that the products are sold in line with the provisions of the contract and factory inspection of qualified new products. Quality performance, technical indicators, and configuration compliance with the relevant technical documents.

After the arrival ,our company or our agents responsible for the installation and commissioning of the instrument.

After installation and commissioning, the customer confirms the goods to meet the contract requirements of the new products, quality performance, technical indicators, configuration and compliance with the relevant technical documents.And confirm the receipt of a full set of technical documents, the installation of the acceptance report signed to confirm the acceptance of qualified.

At the same time of equipment installation and debugging, my company's after-sales service engineer is responsible for technical training until the user can skilled operation. Customers in the use of instruments may at any time to my company's after-sales service personnel consulting relevant technical problems, according to the site is arranged by our company training or mentoring.

Since the date of acceptance, we offer one year free warranty. During the warranty period, all the maintenance and spare parts cost free of charge (instrument malfunction caused by human factors for spare parts price);After the warranty period, equipment life is responsible for the maintenance, according to the actual maintenance fees appropriate charges.

After receiving a written warranty from client to respond within 24 hours. And according to the customer sites near and far, rushed to the scene within 7 working days and solve problems.